Read few from an unending list of happy puppy owners we have served world wide.


You did a great job helping us pick a puppy and I couldn’t be happier with Finn. He is so special! I believe the communication was poor in that I could never get the same person. I was given Michelle and when I called on her line it was always someone else. That was disappointing.

Patricia E / Florida

Attentive and prompt response from Baby French Bulldog to any of my questions during the process. Please note that the email instructions for sending back first vet check is different than email on actual form-may want to make them consistent.Second, it would be extremely helpful to know the amount of food and times the puppy has been eating at breeders. This would insure purchasers can keep things as consistent as possible. I used recommended dog food,(Royal Canin) but needed more details to keep feeding process similar, considering the time change from breeder. I would definitely recommend Baby French Bulldog.

Elizabeth K / North Carolina

I really appreciate the phone calls and text messages from Babyfrenchfulldog keeping me updated on the arrival of my new puppy. The puppy pak was a great gift to receive for my little one. The instructions I received to pick my baby up from the airport were complete and thorough. If anyone is looking to purchase a puppy, I would definitely refer them to your organization.

Deirdra H / Maryland

Everyone was professional and helpful. Thank you

Christine N. / New York

I have a beautiful puppy. My trip with baby french bulldog was good

robert e / Florida

The proceeds of bringing home a new family member was so effortless thanks to the staff at Baby French Bulldog. Our family couldn’t be more happy!!!

Allan M / North Carolina

Great people who are genuinely concerned and excited to match a family with their new furry friend.

Michelle R / Florida

BabyFrenchBulldog delivered in all ways we needed. The staff was knowledgeable and responsive. I would definitely use them again.They gave us french bulldog price.

Caroll P / California

I was thrilled with my puppy from Babyfrenchbulldog. He arrived in excellent health and they did a good job communicating with me during the process of getting him home.

Lynn M / New Hampshire

We just ❤our new edition 2 our family. Thank You Baby French Bulldog 4 All the WONDERFUL SERIVCE YOU HAVE PROVIDED IN OBTAINING OUR BRAND NEW PUPPY

John K / Florida

couldn’t be happier

Mark S / Montana

Our new addition arrived in perfect health. She’s has her second round of shots. She is very smart and loving and a healthy eater.

Madeleine H / Texas

Great selection of dogs. Very prompt communication and puppies were shipped safely. They are very healthy and clean when you receive them. Highly recommend them

Jacob S / Louisiana

Baby French Bulldog did n outstanding job from the time I purchased Penny through Airport Delivery. They kept in constant communication with me throughout the entire process and even today. They care and they respond! We Love Penny Thank You Very Much Glenn A. Edwards

Glenn A. Edwards / Arizona

We received 2 puppies from Baby French Bulldog and the service was excellent. Everything went off like planned and the communication and care of the service was top notch. Thank you Babyfrenchbulldog we love our puppies !

Bruce J / Minnesota

The staff was always beyond friendly and helpful. I received emails and verbal instructions all along the way. Whenever I had a question or concern I called and was always able to speak with a person in the US. I followed up on travel arrangements not leaving to the last minute and everything was as planned. My puppy is the sweetest with the best personality. My Vet commented on what a great temperament she has. She’s getting comfortable in her new surroundings and I finally got a full nights sleep last night like any new baby. She came partially paper trained and is doing great. She even poops on the papers. I was never able to get the App to load on my phone even with Apple’s help. So that needs some work. Everything else was great.

Rebecca S / Colorado

Excellence, I’m impressed with all the care and support by Baby French Bulldog. They guide everything, very well explained, very nice answers. It is wonderful how Baby French Bulldog works. The puppy is wonderful, exactly as expected, even better, very health, and the Baby French Bulldog employees are amazing. Thank you so much, the puppy trip with all care, in a nice cage with food, pictures, all shot papers, excellent. Thank you very much

Nelsine m / Ohio

Lots of texts went unanswered. Never was able to use the chat feature on the app. Might have just been me, but I found the app. very difficult to use. Days went by without communication or updated photos, after I requested them.

Patricia C / Idaho